Volatility in Supply Chains - Accept or Deny, it's here to stay

Strategies for Managing Supply Chain Volatility
By: Rajesh Gangadharan
Like it or not, Supply Chain Volatility is here to stay. Volatility is only increasing and not going away. There is no industry today which can expect a steady stream of demand or a constant uninterrupted supply. Ever changing conditions on the demand and supply side are a constant that supply chain organizations need to deal with. 
Based on our extensive experience working with Supply Chain Organizations across various industries we have prepared a white paper outlining key strategies for managing supply and demand volatility in supply chain. 
For example, Strategies to manage volatile demand efficiently include:
o    Supply Buffer Management
o   Cycle Time Reduction Strategies
o   Postponement Strategies
o   Collaborative Processes

For a copy of the white paper please send email to request@celuro.com


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