Large Volume Planning with SAP's Service Parts Planner

Efficiently Running Large Volume Planning with SAP's Service Parts Planner (SPP)

SAP’s Service Parts Planner is a module within SAP APO. It was created mainly for the Service Parts Industry to handle large volume service parts planning needs.  At Celuro Inc, we have successfully completed multiple implementation projects using this module and believe that this is a robust solution that any supply chain organization which has large volumes such as Service Parts or Distribution companies should consider for their End-to-End planning needs.

Forecasting, Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP), and Safety Stock planning are all key capabilties in SPP.  In addition, there are several interesting components that make it a complete solution for Service Parts Supply chain organizations – all the way from Product initiation into the Supply Chain, to Reentry/Repair/Kit to Stock to Disposing stock.

The architecture of SPP allows for Planning algorithms to run across Millions of Materials and Plants in a very rapid fashion. Our team has experience in fine tuning SAP to accomplish this. The Simulation functionality in SPP provides the ability to do Rapid What-if scenarios and can be a powerful tool for decision making.

As with any Supply Chain Software, working with the right experts is key to a successful project. We can provide that expertise for your organization. For additional information, contact us via email at


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