How to make your APO projects foolproof!

Top Ten Ways to make sure your SAP SCM project is successful

By Rajesh Gangadharan

It's amazing how often I still come across failed SAP APO projects. SAP APO has been around for almost 20 years. Why do we still see such a high rate of failure? Why are Users finding it so difficult to adopt and use SAP?

Understandably supply chains are complex. But that is not the reason for APO projects to fail. In fact if supply chains are so complex, how can companies run their supply chains on spreadsheets? If spreadsheets can do it, surely SAP can, right?

In my experience it is a combination of factors that result in a successful Supply Chain project. These critical success factors are listed here:

  1. Value Focus
  2. Data Quality
  3. Scenario Methodology
  4. Optimizer Selection
  5. Executive Support
  6. Change Management Emphasis
  7. Supply Chain Thinking
  8. Super User Engagement
  9. Process Design
  10. Service Provider selection
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